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Dublin Core Metadata Template

This service is provided by the "Nordic Metadata Project" in order to assure good support for the creation of Dublin Core metadata to the Nordic "Net-publisher" community.

If you use the metadata created by this form and follow our examples, term lists and recommendations, your HTML documents will carry high quality metadata.

In the first quarter of the year 2000, this template will be remodelled and adapted to the list of Qualifiers for Dublin Core elements which will be decided upon until then.

For a less detailed description of your resource, choose the


Now create your metadata:
Simply describe your web page in the form below and use your favourite text editor to paste the returned HTML into your page between the <HEAD> and </HEAD> elements. If you're uncertain of what to do, select View | Document Source... in your web browser, and look at the <HEAD> </HEAD> area of this page.

If at all possible, please fill in at least the fields we have opened for you.
Other fields should also be brougth up and completed where they are relevant.

It is possible to exceed the visible limitations of the input boxes.
If you need to repeat a field, just click on the that accompanies the field.

1 TITLE of the resource to be described

Alternative title (Titles other than main title)

2 CREATOR (Name of the person or organization primarily responsible for creating the intellectual content)

Creator's (Email) address

3 SUBJECT: Keywords (Your own keywords describing the topic of the resource, one per box)

3 SUBJECT: Controlled vocabulary (Keywords from established schemes, one per box)


3 SUBJECT: Classification (Notations for the resource, one per box)


4 DESCRIPTION (Abstract, content description)

5 PUBLISHER (University department, corporate entity etc.)
Publisher's (Email) address

6 CONTRIBUTOR (Name of significant contributors other than the creator)


7 DATE (Date associated with the creation or availability of the resource)

8 TYPE (Category of the resource)

9 FORMAT (Data representation of the resource, MIME type)

10 IDENTIFIER: URL (Location of the document. Start with 'http://')

10 IDENTIFIER (String or number used to uniquely identify the resource described by this metadata)

If you think of your resource as a Finnish, Norwegian or Swedish publication, we are authorized to give you a unique (URN) number here:
Get a URN

11 SOURCE (Unique string or number for a printed or digital work from which this resource is derived)


12 LANGUAGE of the content of the resource described

13 RELATION (Relationship to other resources)


14 COVERAGE (Spatial and/or temporal characteristics of the resource)


15 RIGHTS (Link to a copyright notice etc.)


You may include my name and email-address in a list of those using Dublin Core.

Additional DC-elements

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