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Regional Conference
,,Intellectual Property Rights in the INTERNET era"
Warsaw, 1-2 April 2004

The Regional Conference of the Intellectual Property Rights will be held in Warsaw, Poland on 1-2 April. The Conference is organized by the Ministry of Culture, the Advisory Board of the European Economic Commission of the United Nations - the group of the IPR protection and execution, with the cooperation of the Law Office Wardynski i Wspolnicy, the Anti-pirate Coalition, and the MINERVA+ project.

The international conference will have participation by representatives of the public and private sector from such countries as Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Ukraine.

The topics to be discussed include IPR protection in the information society, as well as IPR usage and violation on the Internet. In the centre of discussion will be accession to the European Union.

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