Calendar 2021

8 December – Hilversum – The Hague (online)
Planning activities related to the promotion of the CRAFTED project (Maria Śliwińska)

1 December – The Hague (online)
Discussion on raising the standard of the Europeana collection (Maria Śliwińska, Piotr Kożurno)

27 October – Roma (online)
Discussion of terminology for the CrowdSchool project and use of terms from Wikidata and Geonames (Piotr Kożurno, Maria Śliwińska)

25 October – Athens (online)
Progress report on the work carried out in the CrowdSchool project (Maria Śliwińska, Piotr Kożurno)

22 October – Athens (online)
Digitization planning for the Crafted project (Maria Śliwińska)

20 October – Paris (online)
AISBL Michael General Assembly (Maria Śliwińska)

1 October – Athens (online)
Kick off the Crafted project (Maria Śliwińska, Piotr Kożurno)

28 September – Nowy Sącz (The Sokół Cultural Center of Małopolska and the District Museum)
Discussion on possible cooperation in the field of the Crafted project (Maria Śliwińska, Piotr Kożurno)

27 September - Jarosław (Road and Surveying School Complex)
CrowdSchool workshops with students on building collections to support online learning in Architecture. (Maria Śliwińska, Piotr Kożurno)

24 June – Toruń, KM conference room
ICIMSS General Assembly

17 May – Bologna (online)
CrowdSchool project partners meeting (Maria Śliwińska, Piotr Kożurno)

19 April – Webinar: Benefits of sharing content with Europeana
Presenting „the experience of a scientific association” (Maria Śliwińska)

7 April – Paris (online)
Presentation of the work done in the CrowdSchool project and discussion on the next stages (Piotr Kożurno)