Europeana Food and Drink is a project funded by the European Commission under the CIP ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) that aims at promoting the wider re-use of the digital resources available through Europeana. Ambrosia: Europeana Food and Drink is focusing on the rich and vibrant European food and drink culture and heritage. Europeana: Food and Drinkbrings together 29 partners from across 16 European countries and is led by the UK-based Collections Trust. Leading content providers, creative technologists and creative industry partners are working together in order to create an evocative suite of commercial applications and products featuring food- and drink related content catered to specific audiences.

The project will deliver a range of commercially-viable applications, showcasing the economic impact and creative potential of content sourced through Europeana. It will raise public awareness of the richness and relevance of cultural heritage content, building on the theme of Europeís food and drink culture and heritage. It will raise awareness among the Creative Industries of the economic potential of working in partnership with the cultural heritage sector, and will provide tools, guidance and methodologies to help build new partnerships.