Crowd School (2020 - 2023)

The aim of the project, financed by the French agency, ERASMUS + program is to prepare materials for distance learning in schools. The project involves ten partners: four schools and six institutions preparing schools to create and use digital resources and responsible for the preparation and operation of tools for this task.

Among the project partners are: Coordinator: Association Dédale, France; Michael Culture Association, Belgium; National Technical University of Athens, Greece; Steps s.r.l., Italy; European Fashion Heritage Association, Italy; The International Center for Information Management Systems and Services, Poland; Liceo Artistico F. Arcangeli, Italy; Complex of Road-Surveying and Secondary Schools in Jaros³aw, Poland; Ecole Elementaire Polangis, France; Calliope Educación, Spain

ICIMSS closely cooperates with the Complex of Road-Surveying and Secondary Schools in Jaros³aw. The main task of our team is to prepare materials supporting online teaching of landscape architecture and architecture. The Polish team will also be a reviewer of the works made by Liceo Artistico from Bologna, which prepares resources supporting education in the field of art. The Bologna school focuses on the selection of culinary themes and clothing that are present in the arts.

For all topics, thesauruses have been prepared to facilitate the search for materials in the national languages of the project partners and in English.