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Tom Wilson T.D. Wilson

Professor Emeritus in Information Management
Department of Information Studies
University of Sheffield
Sheffield S10 2TN, U.K.

+(44-114) 222-2631, tel
+(44-114) 278-0300, FAX

Tom Wilson is Professor Emeritus in Information Management at the University of Sheffield, holding a BSc (Econ) (London), PhD (Sheffield), FIInfSc, FLA.

Before his retirement Tom served as Head of Department for 15 years. He continues his research and publishing activities and is currently involved in a number of research projects directly related to his fields of interest: information management, information strategies and information policy; research methods; information behaviour; organizational problems in the application of information technology; information systems strategies; and organizational communication.

Recently completed research projects:

Tom is also Publisher, Editor-in-Chief and Web-master of Information Research and of the World List of Departments and Schools of Information Studies, Information Management, Information Systems, etc.

Since its inception, ICIMSS has been greatly favored by having Professor Wilson actively engaged in its progress and development. He is ICIMSS' Academic Director, helping to form the academic standards to which ICIMSS aspires.

In addition to his work for ICIMSS, Professor remains academically active in a number of other countries: he is particularly involved in the development and delivery of an MSc in Information Management at the Universidade do Porto, Portugal, and in the developoment of research ideas and projects at the H÷gskolan i Borås, Sweden, as Visiting Professor.

Professor Wilson can be reached at


The International Centre is a wonderful experience in bringing together a variety of people from diverse backgrounds and different countries to establish something that we hope will survive and prosper. The task is not without its difficulties, but there has been considerable success in attracting students to the Professional Development Programme, and well-known, respected and highly proficient professionals as their teachers. The extent of involvement of very busy people not only in the teaching programme, but also in developing the Centre and evolving its courses, demonstrates how it has caught the imagination. As the Centre develops, we shall need more collaborators and I hope that some of those who monitor this Web-site will offer their services in support of a genuinely worthy cause.

Tom Wilson



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