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Partners of the TRAINING ON STAGE project

Coordinator of the project- Fondazione Aida (Italy)
Fondazione Aida is a professional theatre for young people. It was established in1996 in order to further the cultural activities that had already been carried out for 14 years by the previous association. In 1987, it achieved recognition by the Culture Ministry; successively, that of the Vento Region as a not for profit organization. Fondazione Aida is also a vocational training centre, acknowledged by the Vento Region that manages courses for the professional profiles occurring in the field of performing arts.
The Fondazione aims to contribute to the cultural growth of the younger generation, helping them to overcome their difficulties through the medium of all-encompassing cultural programmes. Theatre is the most highly favoured instrument used by Aida to fulfil that aim. Aida also deals with socio-cultural and theatre courses and has multifunctional cultural facilities available.

National Theatre - Education and Training Department, Art of Regeneration Section (England)
It supports and reflects the work of the National Theatre's mainstages and produces curricular and socially-relevant theatre with which young people can actively engage and learn new skills. Amongst its initiatives, the Art of Regeneration is a culture led social regeneration programme whose aim is to transform a local community on the doorstep of economic opportunity into one with the capacity to unlock its full potential. Art of Regeneration has two years' experience of developing pilot training for young people who want to work in the creative industries who have not followed traditional paths to formal training because of economic or social pressures. The National Theatre is member of the organization Eunetart.

Carrousel - Theater an der Parkaue (Germany)
It was established in 1950. As the largest child and youth theatre in Germany it is one of seven State theatres, fully supported by the city of Berlin. The Carrousel Theatre currently has 100 employees including 18 actors. Their repertoire includes approx. 25 works. Theatre education has been since the very beginning one of the priorities of Carrousel's work. The Carrousel Theatre has already managed European projects and has been a partner in a Leonardo project. The Carrousel Theatre is a member of the organization Eunetart (European Network of Arts Organizations for Children and Young People).

Agecif (France)
It was established in 1984 on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture. It is a management and training centre specialising in cultural industries. Its structure is designed to help professionals in cultural management acquire new skills. Its main purpose is to create new methods of management, organization and communication and anticipate the evolution of the professions in the cultural field. AGECIF organizes some 60 courses a year related to management and administration. The courses are meant for professionals who already work in the cultural sectors and who are willing (or need) to acquire specific knowledge.

A.G.I.S. Associazione Generale Italian dello Spettacolo, Delegazione Interregionale delle Tre Venezie (Italy)
AGIS was established in 1945. It brings together almost all the organizations working in the performing arts sector. It promotes and supports initiatives in the field of cinema, theatre, music and dance. It supports vocational training projects, both with its members and schools and universities together.

Eunetart (The Netherlands)
The European Network of Art Organizations for Children and Young People is a place to meet, exchange and learn a framework for developing co-operative projects, a platform to raise issues and a voice for arts for children and young people in Europe. Founded in 1991 in Bologna (IT), it is multidisciplinary cultural network of over 100 organizations in approximately 28 countries. Members are professional art organizations that work with children and young people. Disciplines include the performing arts, the visual arts, music, museums, arts heritage centres, children's art and community centres, media for children and festivals.

Teatrul Ion Creanga (Romania)
It was established in 1965. It is a professional theatre for children and teenagers well-known in Romania and abroad for its spectacular productions, which combine dance, music and theatrical performance. As it is subsided by the State, Ion Creanga Theatre is able to perform a wide permanent repertory at a high level. It offers more than 160 theatre productions. It participates in international theatre festivals. It organises theatre education activities for children and education workshops for teachers to further new interactive creative teaching methods. It has participated in international projects. Ion Creanga Theatre has been a member of Eunetart since 1996.



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